Education for girls and women is the one human right that underpins social change. Secondary, tertiary and continuing education is the door that leads to social and economic empowerment as well as to the enjoyment of other human rights.

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“Certainly, winning an GWI grant had big impact on my life and career path. Had it not been for the GWI award, I would not have finished my studies as planned. In 2014, I aim to start a career with either international organisations or in academia in addition to continuing my activism work about the situation of women in Eritrea.” – Dr Tirhas Habtu, Gender Equality and the Political Participation of Women in Eritrea

“A book has just come out and is based on my PhD research, funded by GWI. The GWI grant has enabled me to do in-depth research on the issues discussed in the book. I would once again express my appreciation of the grant, I couldn’t have done it without it.” – Susanne Wessendorf, Germany

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