Uganda: BRPID Project Update

Uganda: BRPID Project Update

2011_BRPID_Uganda_girls_briquettes-300x224Sarah Bunoti, President of the Uganda Association, reports that UAUW’s Briquette Project is well underway.  Thirty school girls at the Banda Primary School in Nakawa Division have already received the first instruction.  The project is training girls to collect waste, such as charcoal dust, banana peels and other organic waste, and to recycle these into energy efficient fuel briquettes.  The briquettes are an important alternative for residents in slum areas who face inaccessibility of affordable cooking fuel and who depend largely on charcoal for cooking, a major cause of deforestation.  The sale of the briquettes is also expected to provide the girls and their families with a reliable source of income.


2011_BRPID_Uganda_briquette-training21-300x224The response has been enthusiastic.  Initially UAUW thought they would work with one teacher, but when the entire teaching staff of eight were interested, they trained them all, together with eight UAUW members.  Both girls currently enrolled in school and those out of school are participating in what is called the Bina Roy Energy Briquette Production Club. UAUW is involved in all aspects of the project.  They plan to evaluate the quality of the fuel briquettes produced – how long they take to ignite, the time needed to cook common foods such as fresh and dry beans when they are used, and the time it takes for the briquettes to burn completely to ash.  They will also be conducting a post intervention survey on the willingness of community members to use the briquettes, the numbers of girls trained and the sales from the briquettes.

UAUW’s Briquette Project is one of eight excellent projects receiving funding through the Bina Roy Partners in Development Programme (BRPID).  IFUW has advanced part of the funds for the project, but more are needed.  Visit the BRPID section to see how you can contribute to this exciting work.

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