VVAO: Leadership in Female Voluntary Organisations 16 February 2012

VVAO: Leadership in Female Voluntary Organisations 16 February 2012

vvao-workshop-newsFrom 26 November to 4 December 2011, twenty women from Spain, Turkey, Romania, Slovenia, Northern Cyprus and Switzerland met in Amsterdam to participate in a workshop on leadership in female voluntary organisations. There were also three “new Dutch” participants from Kuwait, India and Slovenia.

The workshop’s main aim was to provide capacity building for leaders of voluntary organisations, such as VVAO. During the workshop, participants learned about project management tools, leadership, attracting and retaining members, creating a successful team, managing finances, assessing risk, and benefitting from information communication technologies and social media.

The youngest participant was 21 and the eldest 71. The participants’ backgrounds ranged from sociology to languages to medicine and engineering. In short, this was a very diverse group of women, all eager to learn.

The workshop produced the LFVO Toolkit with various project management tools and exercises which will be disseminated by the participants and workshop leaders.

Rosy van der Vlies, Eileen Focke-Bakker (CIR, VVAO) & Willemijn van der Meer (IFUW Vice President)

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