Australia: Parental Leave Best Practice Guide

Australia: Parental Leave Best Practice Guide

Best Practice Guide - Parental leaveOn 1 January 2011, Australia introduced its first comprehensive Paid Parental Leave (PPL) Scheme.  The Scheme will pay up to 18 weeks of PPL payments to eligible primary carers of children born or adopted after 1 January, subject to certain employment and income level criteria.   It is structured in a way intended to enable carers, especially women, to maintain a connection with their workplace and careers.  The Australian Federation of Women Graduates (AFGW) was one of the organizations heavily involved during the last years in advocating for its passage, preparing submissions and appearing at public hearings.


GWI Policy Resolution 2010 No. 01 on Work-Life Balance for Women between Professional Careers and Family Responsibilities encourages national federations and associations to exchange best practices.  AFGW would like to share a new Parental Leave Best Practice Guide produced by the Australian Government’s Fair Work Ombudsman to provide advice for employers on how to implement the PPL Scheme by developing policies that provide optimal support for employees who access parental leave.  The guide provides a range of best practices that could provide inspiration for other countries, for example provisions that allow workers on parental leave to have up to paid 10 days to keep in touch with their workplace without losing their entitlement.

To download the guide, click here.


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