Olympes de la parole Project

Olympes de la Parole

“Olympes de la Parole”, now run in several countries, is based on a highly successful model launched by the French Association of University Women (AFFDU) in 2000. A speaking competition for high school students, it aims to encourage primary and secondary school girls to examine issues relevant to gender and women. The competition incites students to reflect upon the place of each person, male and female, in school and in society at large through the lens of equality between boys and girls.

Countries running the “Olympes de la Parole” competition:

  • Canada organized by the University Women’s Club of Montreal (UWCM)
  • France organized by the Association Française de Femmes Diplômées des Universités (AFFDU)
  • Morocco
  • Spain
  • Switzerland organized by the Association Genevoise des Femmes Diplômées des Universités (AGFDU), the Geneva chapter of the Association Suisse des Femmes Diplômées des Universités (ASFDU)
  • Tunisia


“Olympes de la Parole” was recognised by the Council of Europe as part of its “All Different, All Equal” programme to promote diversity and gender equality among European youth. Funding for the project in Morocco and Tunisia is provided by the Women’s Foundation for the Mediterranean and AFFDU provides the technical support. The strengthening of Euro-Mediterranean networks of women graduates is a major goal. University professors and secondary school directors and teachers see this initiative as an excellent way to encourage students to reflect on the place of each boy and girl in schools and in society.



Olympes de la Parole Canada 

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