Verband der Akademikerinnen Österreichs


Headquarters: Reitschulgasse 2, A-1010 Vienna, Austria

 Telephone: (+43) 1 533 90 80


President: Mag. Elisabeth Györfy


CIR: Prof. Mag. Ulrike Sachse


 Deputy CIR: Dr. Doris Griessler


Secretary: Mag. Sigrid Knall and Dr. Angelika Ritter

E-mail: and

The VAÖ encourages women of all ages to quality, responsibility, respect and tolerance. They provide qualified and motivated women with multinational contacts and mentoring programmes, support social programmes and institutions, and operate a students’ home for university students.

Upcoming Events:

24-27 August 2017: The UWE Conference 2017 in Graz, Austria

‘Changing Cultures’: What does this process of migration mean for women fleeing their home countries, but also, what does it mean for the women in the countries accepting refugees? How does the social climate change? How do the traditional and arriving cultures interact with each other? What impact does all this have on women?

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