National Awards

National Awards 

Many of GWI’s national affiliates offer fellowships, grants, scholarships and stipends to women and girls for primary and secondary education, undergraduate studies and postgraduate research, study and training. The American Association Education Foundation alone distributes more than two million dollars per year. Many of these awards are restricted to residents of a particular country. Members who are interested should contact our national affiliate in their respective countries to ask about funding available for residents. National fellowships and grants open to GWI members from other countries are available from the following affiliates:


Prof. Tania Voon,

Associate Dean (Research), Melbourne Law School, University of Melbourne

Director, International Trade, Global Economic Law Network

“I will always be grateful for the assistance I got from the AFUW (now AFGW) to support my LLM at Harvard and thus start my academic career – support not only from the Victorian branch but also from the Queensland branch. Looking back at my CV, the talk I gave at the IFUW conference in 2001, supported by a Young Member Leadership Scholarship, was the first international conference I was involved in.”

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